portrait and character pricing
single portrait, bust - 40 USD
    Includes a single person portrait from the waist up. Simple backgrounds* are included. 
single portrait, full-body - 60 USD
    Includes a single person portrait from head to toe. Perfect for use in a digital portfolio or blog. Simple backgrounds* are included. 
couple portrait, bust - 75 USD
    Includes a two-person portrait from the waist up. Simple backgrounds* are included.
couple portrait - 110 USD
    Includes a two-person portrait from head to toe. Simple backgrounds* are included. 
child portrait - 65 USD
     Includes a single portrait of a child. Please note that the price reflects the special detail required to properly depict children. Simple backgrounds* are included.
family & group portraits - base 100 USD, add'l 40 USD per person.
     Includes a two-person portrait from head to toe, with a minimum of one additional person or character. I can also recreate specific photos if desired. Includes a simple background*.

 *simple backgrounds are single-color, simple patterns, or a splash of color in the backdrop. Backgrounds can be upgraded based on inquiry. Please note that pricing may vary from base quote!

If you have specific questions on pricing, please do not hesitate to contact me!

I require payment in full before the start of your commission. I accept payment through PayPal, Square, or check (by mail). I am also able to take payment plans on a case-by-case basis and I am more than happy to accommodate your needs.

other paid work
I am available for illustrating children’s books, book covers, character design, and concept work. Pricing is based on number of pages required or by the hour. Pricing is local to each project and can only be generated by request. Feel free to ask for multiple quotes for your budget planning!
I am also currently available for hourly design work, including graphic design, product design, and textile design. Pricing is project-based and by request only.